My new gas bottle or gas tank has been fitted, what next?

My new gas bottle or gas tank has been fitted, what next?


Inline with N.C.C commissioning requirements, we only recommend the system be commissioned with air first, so you can check the functionality of the system and do your first leak checks. Then introduce vapour to carry out further leak checks and the running of the Gas system.  On initial filling only put the minimum amount of LPG ( no more than 2 ltrs ) until the system is fully tested for functionality and leaks once again  This is so should you find any problems you do not have to empty and waste a full tank of gas.

We always advise that a new installation is leak checked before ever attempting to fill up your system with Autogas / LPG ata filling station, and to make this pre leak check procedure easy to carry out, we have a few really cool GAS IT products that will let you do a leak check on your system directly from the fillpoint to the gas appliance(s) you have installed.

The first thing you must do is double check the joints that have been made before commencing your leak checking. Once you are satisfied the joins are all tight you can then commence checking the installation for leaks with pressurised air.   To carry out a leak check, we sell several fill systems but if your only doing a few installations a year then our simple to use 'GAS IT Air Test Mini UK' fill test device will work perfectly well for you.  This GAS IT device is designed to be screw directly into the Autogas / LPG fill point on your installation and then using an air compressor connected to it via the Air Test Mini PCL fitting, you charge ( pump) your installation up to full compressor working pressure with air ( 110psi to 150 psi pressure )

Once your gas system installation is fully charged with air, you need to spray all the installation connections from the fillpoint, over the tank valves and fittings, up to where you made your last connection using a quality Leak detection spray.  Once you are happy there is no leaks on your fully system you need to release the pressurised air out of the gas bottle/gas tank by either disconnecting the gas pigtail from the manual tap or by removing a test point anywhere directly after the gas out of the gas tank / gas bottle.

Refit the connection you have just used to let the air out, then we advise that you move on to using the GAS IT Test Fill Professional Kit.  This allows you to further test the system with LPG directly for a GAS Bottle supply.

Visit our GAS IT LPG & Autogas Test Equipment to check out the above GAS IT test products, and to gain further help and information.


Never fill an already used gas system with air if its had gas in it, you must use a pressurised LPG supply of the same fuel used via something like the GAS IT Test Fill Professional Kit system which we sell on our GAS IT webshop.


We always recommend you get an gas products and installations inspected and check by a qualified engineer.