Checking for leaks, what do I use.

When checking for leaks on gas equipment there are a several ways of doing this but there are only 2 easy ways to do this and there is one very important thing to note about which fluid to use.

Firstly DO NOT use Washing Up Liquid or non approved leak detection sprays as these will damage the brass and stainless steel parts used in gas systems.

It is really important that you use the correct approved leak detection fluid and DO NOT use soapy water or non approved leak sprays as these will lead to significant damage and even failure of the brass or stainless steel components being tested.

In the washing up liquid the Ammonia they put in for example will lead to stress cracks appearing which will seep into all parts of the valve and lead to brass parts failing catastrophically and simply put valves will leak in some way or form. Chlorine in the washing up liquid will cause the same damage to stainless steel parts.

Don't assume all leak detection fluids are the same as it is known in the industry that some leak fluids have significance ammonia and chlorine in them which has caused brass parts to completely crack and shatter even before LPG under pressure was put in the gas system.


If your unsure of the specification of the leak detection fluid on sale elsewhere then visit the GAS IT webshop to be assured it’s all safe and fit for purpose to BS EN 14291 requirements.

Alternatively you can use one of the electronic sniffer devices which detects leaking LPG and will gives and audible warning but this isn’t practical for the person doing one or two installs or perhaps for the person not doing a leak check with LPG in the first instance.  It can also prove to be a bit hit and miss if you use an electronic sniffer in windy locations or when you need to pinpoint a exact location, so the most common way to detect leaks is the use of a fully certified ( To BS EN 14291 ) and approved Leak Detection Fluid ( LDF ) as we sell on our GAS IT Webshop. ( Click here for the direct link to the LPG Safety product son the GAS IT webshop )