Do I need to use a GAS IT D.G.I Filter ?

When it comes to the filtration of LPG / Autogas, people think its not necessary, because gas is green right? 

Any type of petroleum based fuel gets dirty at some stage and Autogas / LPG is no different.

 There are 2 major kinds of dirt in gas, firstly the simple dirt that gets picked up and transferred during the movement from one vessel to another. The second type is the type created when liquid gas vapourises to become a vapour gas.

 Concentrating here on the first type of transferred dirt - in other words, mud, dust and others from someone dropping a lpg fill gun when filling the bulk tank on its way to fill up the filling station, or from you putting a autogas fill gun from a dirty car onto yours next. 

The only way to stop this dirty contaminated gas from entering your self refillable gas tank or gas bottle system, is by the use of our D.G.I  Filter© before the fill point.

 A GAS IT D.G.I. Filter© - Direct Gas In Filter


People think filtration of gas is unique and a recent needed item.  Autogas cars for 30 + years that we've been in the autogas business have all had some kind of liquid filter somewhere in the gas system when running their engines on autogas / LPG. They have either been in the fill hose between the fill point and gas tank inlet, ( like the Impco liquid filters of old ), on the pickup pipe in the liquid LPG tank or even having one in the liquid outline leaving the gas tank before it goes into the mechanical gas bits up in the front of the car.  

In gas tanks like our GAS IT red vapour outlet tanks that run the appliances in say a motorhome, we only have 1 place to take mechanical dirt out in the liquid lines and the best place to do this is via the use of the GAS IT D.G.I. filters © at the fillpoint directly.

The second type of dirty gas cause is where contaminates in the gas system are produced when the liquid Autogas / LPG converts its self from a liquid to a gas - and where oils are produced.  This is not unique to self refillable gas tanks or gas bottles, this same boiling of gas from a liquid to a vapour takes place in every gas bottle - even the exchange type bottles.  In this case, oils are produced and jets in the fridges, cookers, heater and so on get blocked and need servicing.  To reduce this happening we also have been selling for 20 + years for all types of gas bottles and gas tanks systems a GAS IT Inline vapour filter which connects directly on the outlet of any gas bottle to catch the oils and any other kind of contaminants actually leaving the gas bottle or gas tank. .



A GAS IT Angled Mini Filter for use on a GAS IT, Alugas, Gaslow and other gas bottles



All the above filters are available from any of our GAS IT Dealers in the UK and Europe, or on our webshop.