GAS IT Filter for connecting to my Regulator


GAS IT part number is GI-VF-009

If you have a bulkhead mounted vehicle Gas regulator, that is usually connected to the gas bottle via a pigtail, then you need to buy the regulator mounted vapour filter to help protect your gas system, regulator and appliances as the GAS IT high flow, high micron filter is perfect for reducing the amount of contamination getting to your gas regulator and on through the gas pipes to your appliances.

This GAS IT direct to regulator filter is designed to connect to your bulkhead fixed regulator via the W20/M20 fitting where the pigtail use to connect to and then the pigtail is connected to the filter.  When connected between the regulator and pigtail as much gas contamination from the physical gas and any contamination from your rubber pigtail will be caught.

All our GAS IT LPG filters sold for over 30 years are easily serviceable and cheap to do.

The GAS IT part number is GI-VF-009