What gas regulator do i need to use?

The gas regulator pressure and types that you need depends on a few issues but either way they can't be changed from one pressure to another willy nilly just to make a regulator fit a gas bottle or because your using a certain LPG type ( propane or butane ).

We can't recommend a regulator for your application as we don't know what pressure your gas appliances are requiring, as it is generally the appliances specification that determine the regulator pressure and flow rate needed not the gas bottle or gas tank fitting type or type of LPG fuel you are using.  We often see vans that have a 37mb regulator fitted simply because that is the only regulator they could find that would fit a red propane bottle but this is wrong if the vehicle appliances should have used a 30mb version.

There are several gas pressure regulators so you need to know what is approved for your vehicles and what the appliances were made to run on ( jetted at )  here are some examples of regulator pressure you can buy off the shelf at many gas suppliers :-  28mb, 29mb, 30mb, 37mb, 50mb, 1bar and up form this.

For example, In a caravan and motorhome since September 2003 the regulator will need to be a 30mb regulator with a maximum flow rate of 1.5kg/ hr ( kg per hour )  In this case, all the appliances will have been set to run on 30mb no matter what the LPG fuel is ( butane, propane or mixture of both )

So to get the right regulator you must check your appliances to see what they need and then ge the right regulator for your market sector application, pressure and fitment to the bottle or gas tank.


This section is relevant to UK vehicles and not static caravans or mobile homes - If you have static caravan or imported caravan / Motorhome, Road repair, farrier or commercial application please contact us via our technical support ticket system for specifics.