I have a propane regulator how do I connect that to a GAS IT bottle?




GAS IT propane to 21.8LH GI-0001


 If you use a UK propane regulator or propane pigtail ( see UK Pol picture below ) and want to connect it any GAS IT Self Refillable bottle you will need a separate GAS IT fitting to convert the outlet tap.  The easy to fit propane adaptor we sell, as per the picture above, simply screws onto the outlet tap of our GAS IT bottles and converts it to UK POL, so you can use your UK propane adaptor like you normally do.


To buy visit our GAS IT webshop and search for part number GI-ACCS-024


For info - GAS IT bottles and GAS IT gas tanks for that matter use the industry standard 21.8 LH ( Left Hand thread ) on the gas tap outlets for refillable gas systems.   This outlet style is use by other refillable brands so there is compatibility between refillable gas bottle products like regulators, pigtails and so on.





UK Pol fitting


Above picture is an example of a UK Pol fitting as fitted on some propane regulators and pigtails.  Our adapter converts this pol fitting to work with our GAS IT bottles