What is Autogas in the UK and Europe & how is it affected by temperature?

What is Autogas?

Autogas in the UK is predominantly propane.  It can vary a little but in the UK Autogas is always the same mixture of gas that comes in a red exchange propane gas bottle, which is usually a minimum of 90% propane and the rest a mixture of butane and other bits of petroleum based products. So filling your GAS IT tank or gas bottle with Autogas in the UK will allow your appliances and heating to work in the same way they do when you ran them on red propane bottles. 

As we have mentioned in the other cold articles here on the FAQ section, the boiling point of Propane is -42 degrees Celsius which is the important temperature for the users of the gas as your red Propane gas cylinder will work more effectively in much colder weather compared to a blue butane gas bottles. Knowing that you fill your GAS IT tank up mainly with propane in the UK your good to go down to around -30 to -35 celsius.

In Europe though Autogas can vary in what it is made of and this can go from as much as 50% propane and 50% Butane ( give or take some other petroleum products. ). They generally change the autogas depending on the time of year, so there is more propane in winter and less in summer. 

Eitherway, this is perfectly ok and your gas appliances will generally work ok with them but because its a blend/mix of both LPG gases, the temperature the gas tank or gas cylinders will work down  is not as low, and as good as just having a propane gas bottle.  

We've found from our own personal experience that gas tanks filled up with Autogas when abroad will work ok down to around -10 to -15 celsius on a 30mb regulator system.