What low temperature will my propane bottle stop working at?

When it comes to LPG people get confused by Freezing point and Boiling point of LPG.

Basically put, The boiling point is where the liquid LPG in the gas bottle boils off to produce a vapour gas.  This depends on the gas type used in the bottle, the ambient in bottle and outside temperature, the moisture in the air, the amount of gas being drawn from the bottle and even the material the bottle is made from, will all have an impact to how much gas vapour is boiled off / produced inside the bottle.

For Propane gas, the freezing point is around -188 degrees Celsius ( what it feels like when you get liquid LPG on your Skin!!! ), but the boiling point of Propane is -42 degrees Celsius which is the important temperature for the users of the gas, so your red Propane gas cylinder will work more effectively in much colder weather compared to a blue butane gas bottles.

If you want a gas bottle that will work in lower temperatures you will need to run a red Propane exchange type or better still fit a GAS IT refillable which is easier to use, can be easily filled in other countries who sell Autogas.