I'm going abroad, what do I need to fill up my GAS IT system.

When going abroad with any autogas system ( car, Motorhome, Caravan, Catering Vehicle, Road repair etc )  you will need the fill point to be changed to the country your going to so you can refill it where ever you are via the Autogas pumps in the country you are visiting. Changing the physical fill point its self on the side of your vehicle for every country you are going to is really impractical, so here at GAS IT we have 3 European fill point adaptors in total which simply screw into the UK fillpoint on the vehicle to allow you to fill in the country(s) you visit.

Each country will have its own fill gun system, some design's and types of fill guns have been borrowed for other countries - so for example, France and Italy use the same adaptor, Germany and Southern Ireland use another, so if your traveling around Europe then with your UK fillpoint covering the UK and Holland, you only need a maximum of 3 more GAS IT adapters to cover all the other countries.

To clarify this subject we have a GAS IT one minute video on our GAS IT YouTube site on the European fill point adaptors we sell.  ( Click here to go to the GAS IT YouTube video )  and you can down load the GAS IT Euro fillpoint adaptor Info sheet on down below to print off to take with you on your travels.

So if you visit the GAS IT webshop ( gasit.co.uk ) we have a section that lists and sells the European fill point adaptors either singularly, in a 2 part kit, or 3 part that will cover all your needs.  Click here if you want to go direct to the section on our shop.