How do I refill my GAS IT Self Refillable Bottle or Gas Tank.

Firstly, Please don't confuse our GAS IT Self refillable gas bottles and Self refillable gas tanks, with normal exchange type gas bottles.
All GAS IT bottles and tanks are solely designed to be self refillable from any Autogas station or LPG pump anywhere in the world.  We have installed them with the latest safety valve systems, that makes sure the filling of them is legal and easy to do, by limiting the gas level to where it automatically shuts off when the LPG gets to the bottle or gas tanks 80% volume using an 80% shut off fill valve.
The refilling of the GAS IT systems in the UK is very straightforward and is no more difficult to do than the refilling your car or van with petrol or diesel.   Infact, also filling a GAS IT System abroad is also super easy as it only need the purchase of a GAS IT European Adaptors for the country your visiting, that screws into the end of the UK fillpoint on your installed vehicles and allows filling to be carried out the same as in the UK.
Your GAS IT system will be fitted with either our Market leading 'EASYFIT fill system', or the 'remote body mount system' 
GAS IT Remote Fill System
GAS IT In Locker Fill System
Both of our most common selling GAS IT fill systems use the UK Fill bayonet in Brass with none return valve, which has 2 pins fitted in the horizontal position, and the Autogas / LPG Pumps Fill gun will connect to these pins, where you then rotate the gun to the right to fix to the pins fully.  Then depending on the fill gun type, you will either pull a handle which locks the gun on or on the 2nd type of fill gun, pull a trigger and lock it at its base.   This might sound confusing but its not and attached below is a Autogas refilling instructions sheet created by Calor gas in Pictorial form, which shows you how to fill a Autogas car in the UK which is 100% the same procedure as it would be for our GAS IT tank and bottle system.
One thing that we would like to clarify when filling a gas system be it our GAS IT Leisure Gas System or even a Autogas converted car system, once they are full of gas ( to the 80% gas level) the built in automatic shut off valve within our bottles and tanks will stop the flow from the pump.  At this time, release the switch on the LPG / Autogas pump and then remove the fill gun as per their instructions and go and pay.  At no stage, retry filling a GAS IT system that is already full or continue to hold the LPG / Autogas pump switch on when the filling has initially stopped.   Doing so can, on some occasions overcome the shut off valve itself and force more liquid gas in to the gas tank system.  You will know you are doing this as the filling will be much slower and the price meter on the pump will go round much slower to show your doing this and this practice will not only damage the 80% fill stop eventually, you also risk over filling the gas system so that liquid LPG / Autogas will leave the LPG system outlet as it is over the internal vapour pickups in the tank.  
Over filling of a GAS IT System will never happen on its own.
It's important to note that you must never mount the 70mm fillpoint box into the gas locker door or on any moving panel. This is because every time you open the door, or the panel moves, the fill hose will twist significantly and it will cause leaks on the joints between the fillpoint and the fill hose sooner rather than later.