How do I refill a GAS IT Tank with Autogas?

Whilst its down to the autogas supplier your using to give you the legal instructions on how to use their pumps and refill your gas tanks with autogas, we have included below a link to download the Calor gas filling instructions which shows the correct and safe way to refuel a gas tank using their Autogas filling pumps ( they are the most common type of pumps around the UK and ROI ). 

It's also worth noting that as there are so many different brands of pumps, buttons to press for dispensing autogas and many ways to use the gas pumps filling gun, we always recommend that you follow the legal and safe instructions set out by the Autogas pump supplier you are are using at the time..

Some points to consider refilling your GAS IT Tanks.

Never try to overfill an already full refillable gas tank. When refilling at the Autogas pump, the fill speed ( the speed the ltrs increase on the pump ) should be constant and this speed will become familiar. When full the tank will stop ( as all GAS It tanks are fitted with 80% Automatic shut off valves within the tank ) but should you at any time see the speed drop on the filling ltrs display to a point that is noticeably slow or note that the pump is taking more time to fill than normal then immediately stop attempting to fill as your tank are likely to be already full and the pump your filling from is over pressuring.  it's always worth getting to know the litres the bottles hold from empty so you pre recognise when the bottle is getting toward full.