Tips on refilling and using your refillable gas bottle system.

Some simple recommendations with regard using your refillable gas bottle systems.

Using Twin bottle systems.

 When using a twin bottle refillable system, we always recommend that you alternate using gas from both bottles to every 2 to 3 fills. This is so you don’t keep using the same bottle as the main gas supply ( let’s call it bottle 1 ) and never use the gas out of bottle 2.  Carrying out this alternating process after ever few fills, will allow you to maintain a correct gas level in both bottles whilst at the same time allowing all the bottles valves to be used during the filling and gas out process.


Turn your gas bottles on and off occasionally

Due to the ease of use of our GAS IT refillable bottles, it is very common for refillable gas bottles to not have the manual outlet tap turned off at any time which can lead to dirt in the gas building upon the continually open outlet valves.  We recommend that you open and shut the outlet tap on the bottles to allow the tap to get used and thus self clean any potential dirty away.


Refilling your GAS IT bottles.

Never try to overfill an already full refillable bottle. When refilling at the Autogas pump, the fill speed ( the speed the ltrs increase on the pump ) should be constant and this speed will become familiar. When full the bottle will stop but should you at any time see the speed drop to a point that is noticeably slow or note that the pump is taking more time to fill than normal then immediately stop attempting to fill as your bottles are likely to be already full.  Get to know the litres the bottles hold from empty so you pre recognise when the bottle is getting toward full.