I need some help and advice with what to do inside my caravan or motorhome with regards gas.

One question we do get asked on the odd occasion is what regulations, equipment requirements, approvals and gas products are needed when buying and installing piping, appliances, manifolds and so forth into ( inside ) your vehicle, trailer, caravan and motorhome from the gas regulator.

At GAS IT we only sell products upto and including the gas regulator and nothing after it, so as such our GAS IT technical department are not aware of any regulations, approvals or product and vehicle needs ( after the gas regulator ) and into the vehicle and because of that we are unable to help or offer any information on ' after the regulator ' subject matter as that is clearly outside our remit and expertise. 

As the UK and Europe's market leaders and experts in the design, development, manufacture and supply of self refillable gas products (upto and including the regulator) we happily supply full regulations, technical help, approval information on the market sectors we sell LPG products into which is from the LPG fill point, fill hoses, refillable tanks/bottles, pigtails and regulator.