Are all refillable gas tanks the same as GAS IT?'s

GAS IT are unique in the UK self refillable market because not only do we order all our GAS IT tanks and gas bottles directly from the manufacturers but we also do not take their off the shelf tanks and bottles used for other markets.  Buying direct allows us to make sure all our GAS IT products are manufactured specificly for us and for the markets and applications that we want them to be used for and at the same time, we make sure they are certified and approval correctly for the markets and applications they are to be used in.


Before we have ordered all our tanks and gas bottles directly from the manufacturers, we develop an idea in house with our own in-house GAS IT Engineers using the latest CAD design systems, who then work directly with the tank or bottle manufacturers engineering team where full technical drawings and specifications for each tank or bottle are produced covering everything from design, approval, weld specification, coating and material of manufacture.  These manufacturing designs and drawings are fully checked by our GAS IT in house engineering team before we sign them off so they can be made specifically for us. 


As we are not just middle men buying from other gas tank distributors around Europe as many welknown UK companies are, we have a more comprehensive understanding of refillable gas products, regulations and markets which we pass on to you our customers by making sure you get the right, safe product.


So as we mentioned quite a lot - not all red gas tanks and gas bottles are made to the same specification and safety systems as ours.