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What is EN1949?


We do get asked is our equipment certified or approved to the EN1949 gas regulation as some of our competitors state their equipment is.

The simple answer is No, and the reason why is because EN1949 is not an LPG equipment approval specification that any manufacturer or brand of gas equipment can approve any gas product to and as such, no one, no company, nor any brand can get EN1949 approval on their gas products - be them a gas hose, gas cylinder or gas fill point to name just 3 gas items - FACT.

EN1949 is a document used by builders of Caravans, Motorhomes, Trailers and so forth when it comes to installing gas equipment - again we'll say it loudly - EN1949 IS NOT A GAS EQUIPMENT APPROVAL SPECIFICATION.

The exact wording for the EN1949 document is  :-   

 BS EN 1949:2011+A1:2013 ;  Specification for the installation of LPG systems for habitation purposes in leisure accommodation vehicles and accommodation purposes in other vehicles

The EN 1949 Document is not even specific for the fitting of refillable gas systems, it covers all LPG and is mainly aimed at gas bottles, joining gas pipes, gas locket location and specifications, the list goes on.

If further clarification is needed, visit the BSI  ( British Standards Institution ) website which gives the full description of the EN1949 document by clicking here


If you want to know more, we hold regular training course here at GAS IT HQ, that covers the BS EN 1949:2011+A1:2013 regulations and is an ideal course to combine with our R67 and/or GAS IT Refillable Products course.   Raise a Support ticket here on the GAS IT Technical Support Portal and ask about our training dates.

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