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Where does the GAS IT Filter connect to, and how many filters do i need?


Where does the GAS IT Filter connect to?

We have various types of GAS IT Filters, but the main ones are designed to go directly on the outlet tap of either the gas bottle or gas tank or we sell one that is designed to be connected in place of your pigtail directly on the bulkhead mounted gas regulator.

The benefit of the direct to bottle or gas tank filters are they are connected right at the source of the dirt and will protect anything after them, so with a GAS IT Filter direct to outlet tap everything directly connected after the GAS IT filter, for example the Pigtail, Changeover valve's, Regulator, Cooker, Fridge, Gas pipes, Manifolds and anything else, are all protected from the dirt and contamination in the gas. Yes, we even protect the pigtail. :-)

If your not looking for full protection of everything out of the gas bottle or tank, then we do a single, direct to bulkhead regulator, which screws in place of your pigtail and protects everything going into the regulator.


So how many filters do i need?

If you fit the directly on the gas tap of the gas tank of the bottle or tank, you need 1 filters per gas storage tank, cylinder or bottle.

eg.  2 x gas bottle = 2 x GAS IT Filters.

1 x gas tank underneath = 1 x GAS IT Filter.

If you fit a regulator filter, you only need 1 per regulator.

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