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Which filter do I need for a GAS IT bottle outlet tap?


We sell 3 types of GAS IT filter that will fit directly on the outlet tap of a GAS IT bottle, Alugas or even Gaslow bottle.

We recommend fitting one directly on the outlet tap as that protects everything there after, including the pigtail and moving parts they have in them.

The filters for our Gas it bottles outlet tap are all the same except they come in angled left, angled right or straight. Depending what space you have in your gas locket will depend on what GAS IT vapour outlet filter.

Don't forget that putting a GAS IT filter directly on the bottle will mean you have to buy 1 filter for each bottle, but this does protect the full system.

We also sell a single Direct to regulator filter which fixes directly to the bulk head mounted regulator.  Click here to see the listing of it on the GAS IT webshop.


Here's the pictures of each type.



   Our Straight Filter



Below is a GAS IT bottle with a RH version filter fitted


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