3 wire GAS IT 9 LED Contents Gauge with Integral Display On/Off Switch

3 wire GAS IT 9 LED Contents Gauge with Integral Display On/Off Switch
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This 3 wire LED contents gauge does not have a 4th output wire to switch On and Off a GAS IT tank or GAS IT Plus bottle with our Electronic Remote outlet solenoid fitted. If you have a Electronic Remote outlet solenoid fitted then click here to visit our GAS IT Electronics & Controllers - Low Voltage Category where we list many options to control your electric outlet gas tank or GAS IT Plus bottle.

If you want the convenience of being able to see the gas level of our supplied GAS IT underneath gas tanks or our upright 4 hole GAS IT Plus bottles from inside your vehicle and want to be able to turn the LED display on and off then you need to buy this easy to fit 12 volt, 3 wire GAS IT 9 LED Contents Gauge with Integrated display on and off switch (This is a switched LED version but has no switched output wire to control anything).

It is a great item to add to any GAS IT 4 hole products or even a 3 hole Alugas bottle.

If your gas tank doesn't already have the GAS IT remote tank sender fitted, you need to buy that part separately - http://www.gasit.co.uk/leisure-gas-refillable-products/15-gas-level-remote-contents-indication/gas-it-0-95-4-hole-tank-level-sender.html

The internally mounted LED gauge only needs a small 20mm hole drilling as it is surface mounted with its own sticky pad.

It's easily retrofitable and doesn't need any of the valves in the tank removing and only needs a separate on tank sender unit to make this in vehicle LED contents display gas level contents. You only need to provide 2 core wire to go from the sender unit on the tank to the LED level gauge you mount in the vehicle to make this item work.

The separately supplied GAS IT tank sender picks up the level from the already fitted float magnet in the 4 hole refillable gas tank which the sender picks up and relays it to the GAS IT led gauge inside the vehicle.

This is the identical item that we supply directly to many Major Motorhome Manufacturers here in the UK who fit our range of GAS IT products on their production line.

This item will only work with our 4 Hole refillable GAS IT tanks and 4 hole GAS IT Plus bottles, other Stako 4 hole tanks or 3 Hole Alugas tanks. Please note - this GAS IT LED Gauge is not a calibrated unit and as such the tank contents displayed can vary.


It will not work with a 2 hole GAS IT, Gaslow bottles, 2 hole Alugas or any standard take back for exchange type gas bottle.

Product CodeGI-ACCS-023-S
ManufacturerGAS IT

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