All GAS IT tanks come fitted with valves now!

Please note : From the 29th May, all GAS IT tanks sold via this webshop ( either bought singular or in vehicle specific kit form ) will now come fully valved and tested by us before it is dispatched on to you.

So even when you have to select 'this tank comes unvalved' from the tank drop down list, this is incorrect and we will be fitting the valves in the tank fully for you before sending it!

We will be updating all tank listing to show this service is back to normal over the next few days.

Sorry for any confusion caused.

We do appreciate your understanding and also your continued support of GAS IT.

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EASYFIT Refillable Gas Tanks.

EASYFIT Refillable Gas Tanks.
All GAS IT EASYFIT© gas tanks come with our unique, quick and easy to install mounting feet and with a Electric Remote Outlet or Manual Tap Outlet Option ( Listed in separate categories selectable below ) . Our EASYFIT feet allows the fixing of the GAS IT tank to the vehicle to be carried out by one person with easy, yet with no loss of safety and quality.    
When mounting the GAS IT EASYFIT© gas tanks the feet make sure the gas tank is installed in the right orientation and at the right angle plus they fully comply with M1 / N1 legal mounting requirements. They come supplied with the gas valves and aluminium airbox plus, all our GAS IT tanks also come certified with relevant certificate(s).
GAS IT Tanks do not come supplied with any gas level sender unit. Either a manual or remote version will need to be purchased separately if you want to see what gas level is in the tank.
All GAS IT vapour tanks and all our mounting systems comply with or exceed all current UK and EU regulations and NCC C.o.P 306 needs.


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