Fitted Gas Tank LPG Safety Sticker

Fitted Gas Tank LPG Safety Sticker
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LPG Gas Tank LPG Safety Sticker



This 100mm Square LPG Gas Tank sticker with the GAS IT refillable gas tank showing is the perfect way to identify you have a LPG Tank system fitted on your Motorhome.  Its already mandatory to have a LPG sticker on your gas locker to show outside bodies where the LPG gas bottle is in case of emergencies, but further identifying you have a Refillable GAS IT tank fitted won't do anyone any harm, and can only help.  we've even seen some vehicles with 2 of our GAS IT stickers on their vehicles - one on the gas locker and one above the gas tanks's Fillpoint.   You can use this GAS IT sticker no matter what refillable gas brand is fitted.

We also have a GAS IT LPG Gas bottle version listed on our webshop, which is perfect for people fitting refillable gas bottles in their gas locker.

Product CodeGI-STICK-019
ManufacturerGAS IT

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