High Capacity Vapour Service Filter & O Rings Kit.

High Capacity Vapour Service Filter & O Rings Kit.
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Product Information

Replacement High Capacity Filter kit for our latest GAS IT Vapour Filter range ( PT Number GI-VF-009 to GI-VF-012 ).  Please note : This service filter kit will not fit the GAS IT Shorty vapour filters so please check the details below to confirm if this size filter will fit your existing GAS IT filter body.

This part includes :

1 x High Capacity Vapour Filter 

1 x Service O Ring / Seals Kit   

We also sell a Filter only elsewhere on our webshop under part number GI-ACCS-172 )


Its an easy to do service and replace the filter. 

  • Filters the dirty, oily gas vapour before it hits your regulator and internal appliances.
  • High flow rate filter with reinforced metal provides secure filtering in all conditions.
  • Large, Pleated Surface area filter captures more contaminates with low risk of blockage.
  • We recommend you check your filter for oily contamination and a dirty filter every 12 months and replace internal filter as needed. We recommend filter should be changed every 12 months to be well protected or sooner if used in a none leisure or high gas usage application.

          GAS IT High Capacity Filter specifications      

  • Maximum Operating Pressure 30 bar.
  • Working Temperature -20°C to 120°C.
  • Air Permeability ( DIN 53887 )  205 l/m2s  ( Liters per Meter/Squared per Second )
  • Wire Mesh Reinforced Filter.
  • Active Filtration Area of Filter.  140 cm2  ( Centimeter Squared )

Size of GAS IT High Capacity Service filter. 

Diameter 35.5mm

Hight of Filter 46 mm


If you filter is physically smaller then the measurements above then you have our GAS IT Shorty Filter which requires GAS IT part number - GI-ACCS-072

Product CodeGI-ACCS-199
ManufacturerGAS IT

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