GAS IT & Jonny Smith's Electric Drag Car

GAS IT & Jonny Smith's Electric Drag Car


--------------UPDATE 2016 ----------------

Jonny & Nick did it, and then they did it again.


In 2015 they both got the European record, and in July 2016 they went one better when they brought the world record back from the Americans to Blighty for the fastest street-legal electric car (EV). Not bad when you see its only Jonny and Nick on Team Flux when they race at Santapod.


Here are some cool publicity links on Flux-Capacitor & Jonny, and of course GAS IT has been seen by millions of people around the world as every photo has the GAS IT trademark logo in the car's lower front screen and upper corners of the rear screen.


Top Work Chaps!


GAS IT is pleased to support Jonny Smith - Motoring Journalist & TV Guy of Fifth Gear, Mud, Sweat and Gear, and Motorheads Fame with his ALL Electric Drag Racing Car- The


Not only does our GAS IT Managing Director, Nick, crew for Jonny when racing his car but Jonny also uses the GAS IT Motorhome to stay in and tow his car to the many race meetings they attend.


As you can see on 'Flux' the car, the GAS IT Logo plays its part in the 'Flux Capacitors' sponsorship livery being on the front and rear screen. Plus, Nick can be seen wearing his GAS IT branded clothing, and as Jonny says 'his silly hat' down on the drag strip where he is responsible for make sure that not only is the Flux ready but also that Jonny is safe and ready to race from the moment he leaves the Pit area for his 9 second runs at around 129mph down the quarter-mile.


Visit Jonny's Website to get the information on his wild and wicked EV project:

If you're on Twitter, make sure you follow Jonny to get the latest info on his EV:



Here are some clips Jonny's Flux capacitor doing its high-speed EV runs








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