Peugeot / Fiat / Citroen X250 Chassis Mounting Frame Brackets

Peugeot / Fiat / Citroen X250 Chassis Mounting Frame Brackets
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This item will come in bare steel as per the picture. We recommend these brackets and tanks need undersealing, the GAS IT underseal ( GI-SPR-001) is designed for this purpose and can be purchased separately on the webshop here :


Our GAS IT Laser Cut Peugeot X250 - X290 Chassis Mounting Frame Brackets come in a 2 piece Chassis mounting bracket kit which are designed to be used with our 200mm & 230mm diameter GAS IT Vapour tanks with factory fitted feet under the Peugeot X250 - X290 Chassis.  They are specifically made to allow a easy and quick fitting of the unique and easy to fit, GAS IT tank with feet as our X250 - 290 brackets are easily bolted through the chassis cross members on pre converted Motorhomes when the Motorhome already has an internal floor fitted which won't easily allow our GAS It feeted tanks be bolted directly up through the floor.  They will not work with any other make or type of tank - only GAS IT EASYFIT tanks.

Our GAS IT X250 - X290 Chassis Mounting Frame Brackets locate the GAS IT Domestic LPG gas tank directly behind the exhaust silencer cross member in the centre of the Peugeot Van, between the hand brake mechanism cross member. ( visit the GAS IT Knowledgebase and search for Fiat, Citroen or Peugeot to see the latest pictures )

All our mounting systems are designed at GAS IT H.Q.... by our own in-house CAD Engineers who only work on Refillable Gas Systems designs and development products.  They are then manufactured all within 7 miles of our GAS IT H.Q..... here in North Wales, so you won't get a lower carbon foot print than that.

These GAS IT bracket are fully compliant with M1/N1 BS EN 12979 & ECE R67.01 -  which is legally needed when fitting a R67 LPG tanks to a road going vehicle.

We always recommend you measure the space underneath your vehicle before buying your GAS IT tank, to confirm which size tank will fit in the space available as Motorhome fitted tanks, steps and other fixing can cause restrictions in space available.  We also suggest you measure the location mounting width ( chassis cross member to chassis cross member ) to make sure you are ordering the right brackets for your vehicle as there are different chassis designs depending on vehicle age and vehicle type ( panel van, chassis cab, A class and so on).  These Chassis Cross Member to Chassis Cross Member are 340mm across the top of the bracket and are designed to be installed on X250 - X290 ( Euro 4, 5 & 6 ) .  

Please note that on Euro 6 vehicles you cannot usually fit a tank larger than 25 ltr using these brackets due to the location of the exhaust on euro 6 vehicles. As you vehicle might be different ( if the exhaust has been re routed by the vehicle manufacturer)  We always recommend you measuring the space where these mounts are designed to go to make sure they (A) fit on your vehicle (B) and also the space available for the GAS IT tank you want to fit.

We also sell a fitting kit for these tanks which includes all nuts, bolt, washer etc -

Contact us for more details if you are unsure.

Product CodeGI-TF-061-KIT
ManufacturerGAS IT

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