GAS IT Reserve hoses

If you are using GAS IT bottles or GAS IT tanks and will be sited somewhere for a long period of time then you have the option of using a GAS IT reserve hose system to connect to the vehicle fill point and a local gas bottle ( supplied by yourself ) which will enable you to run the appliances in your vehicles but from your own separately supplied gas bottle.

Our reserve hose systems come in a few different types which enable you to fit to GAS IT bottles, gaslow with 21.8lh outlet taps and also calor type red bottles with the UK POL end bottle outlet.  

Here's the text from the GAS IT webshop listing.  ( )

This hose can be used for 2 applications.

Firstly it can be used by an gas engineer, who fits vehicle mounted Gas tanks or gas bottles, as a means of doing a gas check without having to leave their workshop site prior to actually going to filling up the gas tank or gas bottle with liquid Autogas / LPG at a forecourt.  Its simple to use as you simply screw the end of the hose into the vehicle fill point, connect it to your gas bottle tap ( this is a 21.8LH end for GAS IT, gaslow, alugas bottles but we sell a POL version ) turn on the gas bottle and vapour lpg will go in to the vehicle to allow you to check for leaks and even run the appliances inside before filling up at a remote autogas forecourt.

Its second use is the most popular and is great for people travelling anywhere in the world where for some unforeseen reason you are unable to fill up yourself refillable gas tank or refillable gas bottle on your Motorhome, Campervan, panel van and caravan for example, then our GAS IT reserve hose UK POL system allows you to connect any gas bottle with a 21.8LH outlet tap ( GAS IT bottles, German, Spanish and others around Europe who use a 21.8LH fitting ) directly to your vehicle's mounted UK bayonet Autogas / LPG fill point.

We recommend that the onboard refillable bottle or tanks are empty before using this reserve fill hose system but if you know you are very low and expect to run out during the night for example, then you can always fit the reserve hose system and either have it all prepared ( so when you run out you simply turn the gas bottle on) or turn it on in preparation of running out of your vehicle tank / bottle shortly afterwards 

Here’s how to simply use the system in both applications above.

1) Connect the big knurled brass end of your 800mm long reserve hose into the internal thread of your Autogas fillpoint.

2) connect the bottle end of the reserve hose to your gas bottle. 

3) Check all connections ( the fill point and the bottle ) are tight.

4) turn on the gas bottle and this will then run your appliances in the same way as a normal gas bottle will. 

5) We always recommend you use certified leak detection spray on the bottle and vehicle fill point connections you have made to make sure there are no gas leaks.    This hose will not fill your internal gas bottles with Liquid LPG ( like when you refill them at the pumps ) it is simply designed to allow you to run the internal appliances from an external gas bottle.

The Hose length is 800mm, over all length ( end of fitting to end of fitting is 900mm)

We also sell here on our GAS IT webshop other reserve gas bottle hoses and adapter fittings so you can also use any European gas bottles like a Campingaz, French and Spanish for example.