2 gas bottles to 1 bulkhead gas regulator T peice - W20 MxMxF

2 gas bottles to 1 bulkhead gas regulator T peice - W20 MxMxF
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If you want to join the gas pigtail outlet's from 2 GAS IT or Gaslow bottles or you want to 2 GAS IT underneath Vapour tanks to one existing bulkhead regulator, then this Semi Automatic W20 MxFxF T pieces will do the job perfectly without you needing to buy a Automatic or Manual Changeover valve.

Your gas bottles don't have to be refillable to use this joining T piece, it works perfect with exchangeable type gas bottles from 6kg up to 47kg - all you need is the corresponding gas pigtails.

It is a top quality T piece ( with none return valves fitted internally ) with universal standard W20 fittings to take 2 pigtails and it has one W20 female fitting to fix it to your existing bulk head regulator in place of where your single Pigtail use to be. ( Works with all bulkhead mounted regulators only.)

This Semi Automatic GAS IT Tee piece, which is fitted with none return valves, simply fits in place of the single pigtail on your bulkhead regulator already. When fitted you then connect the 2 GAS IT bottle pigtails ( bought separately ) on to the Tee piece - its as simple to fit and use as that and in the future turning from one gas bottle to the next will not require any tools and will not need you to remove a single pigtail from one bottle to the next when either bottle runs out. ( We do not recommend using a single pigtail on a twin bottle refillable bottle system )

You then have 2 options for use - Manual or Auto. 

1) Manual use - You can use it as a Semi Auto/manual change over system where you leave one gas bottle turned off and the other one on.  It would work like a reserve system so when your first gas bottle runs out of gas you simple go to your gas locker and open your second full bottle - all done without the need for tools as both pigtails are permanently fixed to the bottle outlets all the time!  

2) Automatic use - If you want to use both bottles without having to go to turn one on when you run out of gas in the first bottle then all you need to do is leave both bottles taps open and when you use your appliances the gas will come from both bottles at the same time.

It is super easy to install in less than 5 minutes and its functionality is seamless.  The 2 male W20's ( with non return valves ) are for your 2 pigtails from the bottles to be connected to and the single female W20 fitting attaches it directly on to your regulator -  where your single pigtail use to go.    Its fully fitted with non-return valves on the male ends, so you can be sure you'll get no back feeding from one bottle to another.  

You will need to buy 2 pigtails to go with this T ( option drop down menu here )  - unless you already have them.

 If you have more than 2 bottles, by simply connecting more of these tee's together will allow more bottles and tanks to be joined.  Call us for help or technical support on these or any GAS IT products.

Product CodeGI-ACCS-076
ManufacturerGAS IT

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