Portable Direct Fill EASYFILL© GAS IT bottles.

Portable Direct Fill EASYFILL© GAS IT bottles.
The refilling of Portable and freestanding GAS IT bottles, via their pre-fitted Overfill Prevention Device (OPD) and directly fitted EASYFILL bottle mounted fillpoints, just got easier.
Every GAS IT self-refillable gas bottle ever sold fully complies with the built in safety requirements of an OPD and now with the plethora of guidance and User Information Sheets (UIS 026 & UIS 037) published by the UKLPG. And also, sections within the Petrol Filling Stations RED Guide clarifying that a privately-owned transportable gas bottles with OPD and on bottle fill point can be removed from the vehicle to be filled via a directly mounted gas bottle fill point.
Our EASYFILL© GAS IT bottles are purposely designed, and approved, to TPED and Pi requirements to be removed from your vehicle for portable and freestanding refilling directly at an Autogas station and Forecourt in the UK, via the gas bottle pre-installed German manufactured Overfill Prevention Device (OPD) and direct mounted fill point. Meaning when you release the Autogas fill gun it shuts off instantly, so all your cheaply bought gas is left inside your GAS IT bottle.

When you own a GAS IT EASYFILL© gas bottle with directly fitted fillpoint they are... well.... Easy to refill.


    • Come pre-fitted with either a vertical or horizontal UK bayonet fillpoint for filling at an Autogas filling station or LPG forecourt in the UK. Simply take to the refilling station and fill directly via the bottles fitted fillpoint. No fill hose or remote fillpoint needed.
    • Comes with 2 sperate valves: Fill OPD, and Manual Outlet tap. So, drive up and fill without the need to remove pigtail for filling.
    • Come with caps for the fillpoint and tap, to stop dirt getting in whilst bottle is stored.
    • Are Certified and approved under TPED / Pi approval to be removed from the Vehicle for out of vehicle refilling.
    • Allow multiuse: use the same gas bottle from your caravan or motorhome and remove with ease to use with your home BBQ, garage heater or fire pit.
    • Come pre-installed with a German manufactured Overfill Prevention Device (OPD) 80% shut off valve built in.

    Or you can always retrofit a Sky or Horizon on bottle fillpoint to your current GAS IT bottle with ease to make it certified for removal and filling.

    The difference between our 2 types of GAS IT EASYFILL© bottles are as follows:
    1. EASYFILL SKY©:  points skywards and makes an easy and practical connection of the Autogas fill gun as all the connection force when putting the fill gun on the bottle is pushed downwards.
    2. EASY FILL HORIZON©:  lays horizontal on the gas bottle and makes for a great connection point when filling from the side.
    All GAS IT bottles are certified as removable gas bottles to the required TPED regulations and are Pi Marked. GAS IT bottles are not certified as R67 gas bottles. R67 certified gas bottles are not TPED approved or Pi Marked and as such under R67 regulations they are not legally allowed to be removed from the vehicle for direct filling (as confirmed by the N.C.C., UKLPG and User Information Sheet 026 & 037).
    Useful Documents regarding privately owned portable refillable gas bottles:
    PEIMF Technical Report August 2018 - Click here to download a copy
    Petrol Filling Stations RED Guide. See Section 23, Page 62 in the RED Guide for relevant information and instructions to forecourt owners - Click here to download the current version of 'The RED Guide'
    Keep them for your records to show the Operators of public LPG refueling station that your GAS IT bottles comply with current UKLPG guidelines on the filling of ' Portable and Freestanding' LPG cylinders.
    Whilst filling directly on the bottle is now a recognised and allowed practice in the UK with the right TPED and Pi approved gas bottles and accessories, some LPG forecourts and Autogas service stations might not allow this practice in their own terms and conditions and we have no control over this. We can also not confirm if you are allowed to fill these types of bottles outside of the UK.
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